Slogans/ Maxim

To whom much is given, much is expected. From whom much is expected much is given (Lk 12: 48).



To accomplish SAGAC vision and mission through prayers, education, vocational training, moral instruction, recommending and preparing of children for take off employment


Head quarter

P.O Box 131 Limbe
Fako Division, S.W.R, Cameroon
Contact: 677857262/ 677744991/ 673213366




  1. Contribute to the development of the neighbourhood and beyond
  2. Award scholarship to children from under living privilege families
  3. Provides living accommodation, education and counseling opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children in collaboration with other SAGAC Associations
  4. Organize and manage biblical schools and centres in the dioceses in which it exist in collaboration with the bishop of the Diocese.
  5. Run internal training programs for religious and social centres to enable formators disseminate information and follow up the implementations of disseminated information.
  6. Keep scrupulously strict and accurate records of Diocesan lay apostolate activities and practices in conjunction with the bishop of the diocese in which it exists.