Taste and see that the Lord is Good (Ps 34: 8)


Donation opportunities

Very low as many donors work directly with individual proprietors

Head quarter

P.O Box 273 Kumba
Meme Division, S.W.R Cameroon
Contact: 677857262/ 677744991/ 673213366


  1. Takes care of needy children living with their biological parents
  2. Take care of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), young adults who are school drop outs
  3. Counsel, train and make effort through God’s intervention to establish them a business or trade of their choice


  1. Scholarship schemes for orphans and needy children
  2. Hospital treatment and care for some physically challenged children
  3. Bore holes and water supply for some homes and orphanages especially in Limbe


  1. Some members of the association would prefer to manage their orphanages and homes without record.
  2. Difficulties in collecting authentic information
  3. Some proprietors run orphanages and homes for their personal gains thus they falsify birth certificate

List of Homes

3 existing homes called St Anthony Guild Diligent homes (SAGDil Hom) or SDH, in Kumba, limbe,


Kumba: Mme Lionie I Mbianzi ,P.OBox 273,Meme Division, SWR, Cameroon, location: Buea
road kumba

Phone number: 675246176


Limbe: Grand Ma Ngatchu Rose Nobea, P.O.Box 131, Limbe, Fako division,SWR
Cameroon.located at Busumbu new lah out.

 Phone: 677857262


Bafoussam: Mrs Susan Ozigi Nkwantang ,P.O.Box 194, Bafoussam, western Region, Cameroon,
located at Houong 1, Bamougoum, Bafoussam 3