Taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps. 34: 8)

Slogans and Maxims

House are built with block, homes are built with love


Head quarter

P.O Box 273 Kumba
Meme Division, S.W.R, Cameroon
Tel: 674965920, 677857262, 690862236


  1. Promoting and incubating the spirit of love and belonging among orphans and vulnerable children in Meme Division.
  2. Fostering teamwork, initiatives capable of facing existing individual and collective challenges amongst these groups of persons in the society.
  3. Educating and sensitizing the orphans and vulnerable children of what the law says about them in collaboration with the Social Affairs center Meme.



  1. To coordinate the activities of Registered orphanages in Meme Division.
  2. To empower orphanages and homes with survival and sustainable strategies.
  3. To lobby for funding nationally and internationally
  4. To create awareness of the plight of orphans, destitute and vulnerable children in and around Meme Division.



  1. Obtain birth certificate to children who are duly registered in the various organizations.
  2. Monitors the individual organization’s activities and ensures that all the children do to school or are learning a profitable trade
  3. Offer scholarship to children who could not otherwise make it through their educational careers.
  4. Provide school needs to children during back to school and carry out a tour in the schools where the children are to ensure they are regular in school.



  1. To promote education, good health and eradicate poverty through education, income generation activities and professional training
  2. To know each other, identify our common and individual problems and collectively find solutions to each.
  3. To increase the possibilities of self sustenance of orphanages and homes.
  4. To improve on the plight of orphans, destitute and vulnerable children in Meme Division
  5. To create a data bank of orphans, destitute and vulnerable children in Meme Division.
  6. To help them know that someone cares for them, where they live and their well being