I was called to do this. There is no other explanation. I simply obeyed the Lord’s command and here we are today. All that we have accomplished all this there is no way it could have been done if the Lord’s hand wasn’t in it. I am certain of that Mama Ngatchu Rose.

In 1974, Mama Ngatchu Rose returned from the United States with a mission from the Lord. (?). Touched by St. Anthony’s story, she who had nearly everything decided to dedicate her life to carry that mission. It took 23 years of persistent prayer and hard work for Mama’s mission to see the physical light of day. The orphanage was created in 1997.

It then took 12 more years of toiling before the orphanage became operational. Of course, with all the good will in the world, the orphanage could not successfully operate without giving to Caeser what belonged to Caesar.

Finally, on 25th February 2015 with a MINISTERIAL Order no.002/A/MINAS/SG/SDPDE/SACIPEE of 25 February 2015 related to final Authorization for opening and functioning of a private social welfare institution denominated DHO.