Our Values

Diligence and scrupulousness

Mission Statement

Love, charity, joy and humility in serving humanity

Our Vision

Creating self – sustaining communities that promote love for God and love for men”

Our Objectives

Manage, Supervise, Coordinate, Collaborate
  1. To supervise, oversee and maintain the existing and new organs in order to ensure the growth, sustenance and continuity of all the organs of SAGAC.
  2. To provide scholarships for under-privileged children at all levels of education, apprenticeship and artisan-ship.
  3. To organize seminars, refresher courses and training programs to various groups of people depending on their needs and requirements especially those interested in humanitarian practices, philanthropic activities, Spiritual development and leadership programs.
  4. To collaborate with government and other existing organizations both nationally and internationally in the protection and defense of Human rights.
  5. To contribute in the good governance movement and ethics in business and government